Precision Motion (COFIL) Ltd. Appointed UK Distributor for CDS BETTINELLI

Subsequent to the merger of Colombo Filippetti and CDS Bettinelli earlier in the year, Precision Motion (COFIL) Ltd. are pleased to announce their appointment as the exclusive UK distributor for the CDS range of cam-operated transfer mechanisms.

New Product Range - Mechatronic Grippers & Rotary Actuators

Pneumatic automation specialist GIMATIC introduce a new series of mechatronic 2-jaw and 3-jaw grippers plus two-position rotary actuators.

New Product Range - Low Profile Zero-Backlash Speed Reducer With Integrated Crossed-Roller Bearing Support

The new JFR series of zero-backlash speed reducers from KAMO includes all the same ingenious design features as the standard BR series but with the additional advantages of a super-slim profile and inclusion of a crossed-roller bearing to support the output plate.

Visit to the KAMO SEIKO Headquarters in Japan

L-R : Yosuke Shimazu, Stuart Smith, Kenji Imase, Keiichi Noda, Hiroki Tanikawa

New Product Range - Shock Sensors for Linear & Rotary Pneumatic Actuators

Depending on transfer time, pneumatic actuators are often fitted with shock-absorbers used for the dual-function of improving motion performance and extending actuator life. Clearly, the shock-absorbers will have finite life before they must be replaced or serviced and setting this life is notoriously difficult with the outcome being either to leave the interval too long, resulting in damage to the actuator and in some cases expensive tooling components, or alternatively scrapping perfectly good shock-absorbers if the interval is too short.

Existing solutions available to the market are generally aimed at high-end vibration analysis and usually require complicated and expensive control systems and trained technicians to gather and interpret data; GIMATIC can offer a complete 'starter kit' comprising shock-sensors, portable testing unit with power supply and heavy-duty carry-case for under £500, which is so intuitive that it can be used by an untrained technician to begin gathering useful data within minutes.

Precision Motion (COFIL) Ltd. Appointed UK Distributor for GIMATIC

Precision Motion (COFIL) Ltd. are pleased to announce their appointment as UK distributor for the 'Handling' range of pneumatic automation equipment from Gimatic (Italy).

The extensive product portfolio comprises grippers, pick & place systems, rotary & linear actuators, indexing tables, linear rails and sensors.

New Product Range - Cam-Operated Indexing Rings

In cases where precision motion cycles exactly repeat; there is no technology which can equal the attributes, performance and price of a cam driven system.

Already, our range is the largest range in the world for cam driven devices for automatic precision positioning and transfer motions. Types include tables, indexers, oscillators, pick & placers and walking beam drives.

Now we add a series of INDEXING RINGS, which can have advantages for users who need some or all the following:

• Large number of stations or NC control for undefined number of stations.

• Large diameter central hole, perhaps for small robot location.

• Large load capacity.

• Possibility to work on product from 2 sides simultaneously.

Currently there are five sizes available, with outside diameter ranging from 510mm to 2100mm.

Contact us now at for the best possible proposals for any requirement for accurate positioning and transfer motions.

Precision Motion (COFIL) Ltd. Appointed UK Distributor for KAMO SEIKO

Precision Motion (COFIL) Ltd. are pleased to announce their appointment as the exclusive UK distributor for Kamo Seiko Corporation (Japan). The firm manufactures a range of miniature indexing mechanisms (both cam and cam/pneumatic hybrid types), as well as a series of zero-backlash speed reducers & rotary stages for servo-motor applications. The ingenious and patented design of all products in Kamo's range guarantees smooth accurate motion and zero-backlash in an extremely compact package.

Perfectly complementing Colombo Filippetti's range of standard and heavy-duty mechanisms, the addition of Kamo's miniature range allows Precision Motion to offer the best value positioning solution irrespective of whether your application requires torque of 1.5Nm or < 150,000Nm.

Precision Motion (COFIL) Ltd. Appointed UK Distributor for EXACT MACHINERY

Precision Motion (COFIL) Ltd. are pleased to announce their appointment as the exclusive UK distributor for Exact Machinery Co. Ltd. (Taiwan) and their range of CNC rotary tables, tailstocks and accessories. The agency agreement enhances the firm's position as a key supplier to the machine-tool sector and perfectly complements the existing range of high-speed automatic toolchanger and magazine storage systems.

New Product Range - RTE Series Lift & Rotate Indexing Tables

Precision Motion (COFIL) Ltd. are pleased to introduce to the UK and RoI markets, a new series of lift and rotate indexing tables from Colombo Filippetti Torino.

The mechanism operates in two axes independently :-

• INDEXED ROTATION by a cam-operated indexing table (2 to 48 stations as standard).

• LIFTING by a pneumatic cylinder (maximum stroke of 50mm).

The RTE series currently comprises two sizes, RTE06P and RTE09P with maximum capacity of 150kg and 300kg respectively (with air pressure of 5 kg/cm2). Cycle rate varies depending on mass and inertia. All units are supplied in a life-lubricated water-tight case.

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