The toolchanger is now an essential component for modern NC machine tools, allowing production to continue without the presence of an operator. The mechanism executes a mechanically synchronised movement, clamping, extracting, exchanging and simultaneously inserting tools in both the spindle and magazine.

Vertical and horizontal axis variants.

Fast exchange time with a smooth motion profile.

High precision with guaranteed repeatability.

Robust and reliable, with minimal maintenance.

Tool Magazines

Disc or carousel configuration.

Tool capacity up to 80 (as standard).

Can be driven with either a servo-motor or indexer.

Compatible with a huge range of ISO, BT, HSK and Capto tool holders.

Toolchangers with Magazine

Compact design.

Option for a shuttle mechanism, when the magazine must be mounted remotely.

Option for bespoke designs to suit special applications e.g. oversized tools, increased storage capacity etc..

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