Over the years, our innovative product lines have been utilised in a vast number of diverse automation applications worldwide, in industries such as packaging, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, printing, welding, robotics and many more besides. Common to all, is the requirement for a simple to operate and low/zero-maintenance robust system, providing high-speed, high-accuracy positioning with smooth jerk-free motion profile and long trouble-free life.

Whilst the most common applications like those shown below require an intermittent (stop/start) motion, it is also possible to produce cams which have no dwell period whatsoever, or alternatively an indexing motion together with a controlled velocity period during the transfer stroke; an application example of the latter would be on-the-fly printing of a component, where it is vital to have a constant velocity period during the print process to ensure perfect print quality.

We are always keen to collaborate with our customers in the development of new and innovative solutions and welcome special enquiries.