Pneumatic & Mechatronic Actuators

High stiffness & deflection resistance.

Strokes : 10-2000mm.

Max. actuation force : 350N.

Max. payload : 30kg.

Min. actuating time : 0.015s.

Typical repeatability : +/-0.02mm.

Variable stroke length.

Easy-fit sensors & shock-absorbers.

Linear Guides

Patented recirculating bearing support.

Up to 3000mm in length.

Use of multiple carriers, as required.

Fitting kits for standard pneumatic cylinders (ISO or rodless), linear motors and stepper/servo-motors.

Adjustable carrier backlash (to zero) and pre-load.

Easy-fit sensors & shock-absorbers.

To discuss a product or application, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Catalogues, CAD and quotations all available upon request.

Further information is also available from the website of our manufacturing partner Gimatic

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