About Precision Motion


Originally established as part of the Colombo Filippetti Group, the core business of Precision Motion has always been the specification and supply of cams and cam-operated mechanisms for industrial automation applications. Over the years however, other complimentary product lines have been added, including zero-backlash rotary-stages and gearheads as well as a range of pneumatic and mechatronic indexers and linear actuators. With such a comprehensive product portfolio, our customers can have complete confidence that they are being offered the optimum solution for any positioning application.


Precision Motion believe strongly in a collaborative solutions based approach to customer relationships, and by having an in-depth knowledge of our product lines and their applications, we aim to offer a level of service and support which is second to none. Services we offer include detailed application analysis, 2D/3D CAD, troubleshooting, machine optimisation consultancy and routine maintenance.


Precision Motion represent the following manufacturers, each a market leader in their field, carefully selected to offer special purpose machine builders and automation houses a portfolio of best-value products and solutions.

A comprehensive range of cam operated rotary and linear transfer mechanisms providing a unique combination of micron precise positioning, smooth motion, exceptional reliability and low cost. Since 1953, Colombo Filippetti have developed an enviable worldwide reputation for their innovative high quality product lines and collaborative approach to developing customer relationships.

Cam Driven Systems (CDS) is a division of the Bettinelli Group specialising in the study, development and manufacture of high precision mechanical components, with a particular emphasis on motion control solutions for industrial automation, packaging and assembly.

Colombo Filippetti Torino was established in 1987 with the purpose of integrating the Colombo Filippetti range of mechanisms into complete positioning and transfer systems. Initially specialising in systems for automotive production lines, the firm (now renamed CFT Rizzardi Automation Systems) has since produced an extensive range of high-speed automatic tool-changer systems for the machine tool industry.

Kamo Seiko manufacture a range of ingenious miniature indexing mechanisms (both electro-mechanical & pneumatic), speed reducers & rotary stages for servo-motors, all based upon the patented concept of using precision engineered balls as a zero- backlash transmission medium.